Tau Capital plc, a company incorporated in, and controlled from the Isle of Man, is admitted to AIM, a market operated by the London Stock Exchange plc.

Tau Capital plc is incorporated in the Isle of Man and is admitted to trading on AIM. As a result, Tau Capital plc is subject to the UK’s City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

A description of Tau Capital Plc’s business and investing policy can be found here: Link


Corporate Governance Statement

The Combined Code does not directly apply to companies incorporated within the Isle of Man but the Board of Tau Capital plc adopted and applied the 2018 QCA Corporate Governance Code, as published by the Quoted Company Alliance (“QCA Guidelines”).  Please see the following link for further details: Statement of Compliance with the QCA Corporate Governance Code


Articles of Association – 08 April 2019pdf

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Results Presentation (April 2008)pdf
Roadshow Presentation (May 2009)pdf
Roadshow Presentation (April 2010)pdf
Roadshow Presentation (Feb 2011)pdf
Roadshow Presentation (June 2011)pdf
Roadshow Presentation (November 2011)pdf
Notice of Annual General Meeting (June 2011)pdf
Roadshow Presentation (May 2012)pdf
Notice of Annual General Meeting (24 July 2012)pdf
Proxy Annual General Meeting (24 July 2012) pdf
Roadshow Presentation (Nov 2012) pdf
Memorandum of Association pdf
Articles of Association pdf
Key information document

Share price information on the shares of Tau Capital plc, as well as recent regulatory announcements can be accessed via

Information in this section is being disclosed for the purposes of AIM Rule 26.

Date when last updated: 27 June 2019