Tau Capital Plc

Tau Capital plc is a closed-ended fund trading on AIM originally established to support the strong growth prospects of Kazakhstan and its neighbouring countries, through a mix of public and private equity, and special situations.

The Company invested primarily in the dynamic Kazakhstan economy but also in other countries in the region, including the Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Russia and Mongolia.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 4 October 2018, the Investing Policy was amended as follows:

(a)       no new investments in Private Equity investments (as defined in the Company’s admission document dated 3 May 2007) will be made with effect from 24 July 2012;

(b)       no  new investments   in  Public Equities  (as  defined in  the Company’s  admission document  dated  3  May  2007) will  be made by the  Manager (as defined in the Company’s admission document  dated 3 May 2007) on behalf of Tau (Cayman)  LP with effect  from  24 July 2012 without the prior approval of the Board;

(c)       the sale of the portfolio  of Private Equity investments  will be implemented within a period of 6 months,

in the case of (c), with the periods starting as from 4 October 2018,  provided  that the Board  shall have the discretion to extend further any such period as appropriate in respect of the investment in Stopharm LLP.

Tau Capital plc (“the Company”), today announces that the information required by Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies is available within the “Investors” section of the Company’s website www.taucapitalplc.com.

For shareholder information, please contact: